About Waste Transfer Station

Waste Transfer Stations (WTS) are basically introduced within areas where long haul of waste loads by Collection Trucks becomes uneconomical.

Acting as hubs for local waste collection routes, WTSs receive waste from individual smaller Collection Trucks and transfer the compacted waste with Transfer Trucks in large Containers.

waste transfer station

Why We Need a Waste Transfer Station?

  • Worldwide trend for waste disposal has been moved towards larger, remote and regional facilities. (Away from the urban or densely populated area).
  • Reduce Costs of transporting waste to disposal facilities.
  • Better Appearance – one Large Clean Transfer Truck as compared to many small usually dirty and leaking collection trucks on the road.

Result of introducing a WTS:

  • Fuel costs savings
  • Maintenance costs savings
  • Reduction of Collection Trucks Fleet
  • Reduction of truck operation personnel
  • Reduction of traffic
  • Reduction of leachate pollution on roads
  • Reduction of CO2 (as a result of fuel savings)