Vertical Operating Waste Transfer Station Technology:


Waste Transfer Station

Ergo Global Inc.

(“EGI”) was established in 2011. EGI is a technological company specialized in supplying dedicated environmental equipment and project management for Solid Waste Transfer Solutions. Vertical waste transfer technology was infused by previous Dutch owner.

The Vertical System is considered a simpler, more efficient and more economical solution than the horizontal principle, mainly because of the need for fewer containers (silos), compactors and transportation trucks. Lighter constructions, less maintenance of the equipment and less required space for building and infrastructure likewise contribute to minimize the investment and operational costs per ton of waste management.

Our Key Component and Advantages of Vertical Technologies

Key Components for the Vertical System Transfer Station consists of the following equipment:

  • Compactor(s)
  • Silos
  • Steel Frame structure
  • Dumping Chutes (Rear-plate)
  • Weighing & Monitoring System
  • Computerized Central Control System
  • Cable system
  • Transporting trucks


The Compactor is driven hydraulically, moves horizontally and compacts vertically. One compactor is able to complete compaction operation for up to six silo positions.

waste transfer station compactor


The The Silos are manufactured with a round section of approximately 2.5 m diameter and a length of approximately 6 to 7.5 meters (the chosen length mainly depends of the transportation regulations and the capacity of the station). At the stages of feeding and waiting for haulage, the silos are standing on a square frame at the silos end. The rear doors on the top of the upraised silo, together with a fixed plate (rear-plate), serve as a full hopper around the silo section. The silos are made from durable material and would be able to take heavy compacting force.

Silo waste transfer station

Transporting Trucks (Transfer Truck):

Transfer truck with mounted tipping frame and cable system on chasis. After being unloaded at the Landfill or Incineration Plant, the empty silos are placed vertically in the WTS silo positions by the Transfer Truck by means of a cable system mounted on the tipping frame on the truck. After being filled by the Collection trucks and compacted, the fully loaded silos are winched down by means of the cable system on the Transfer Truck and taken away from the silo positions for transport to Landfill or Incineration Plant.

Waste Transfer Station

Steel Frame Structure:

Simple steel structure installed to hold Compactor(s) and the Silos in position.The dumping chutes are located above the silo positions. Independent dumping space for smooth waste dumping.